PHOTOS: Planet Comicon Takes Over Kansas City with Jon Bernthal, Paul Bettany, and More

Photos and article by: Emma

This weekend, Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri celebrated its 25th anniversary. The annual celebration brought together various fandoms to celebrate video games, TV shows, movies, comic books, and more. This year, Planet Comicon not only brought the celebrities of pop culture from today but also brought nostalgia with celebrities that have been entertaining us for generations.

On Friday, Rider Strong, Will Friedle, and Danielle Fishel took the stage where they talked about Boy Meets World the show where they all met, and the set they grew up on. One by one fans came up to the microphone and shared stories of how Boy Meets World, the follow-up series on Disney, Girl Meets World and now the Pod Meets World podcast has been shared through families for generations. 

Paul Bettany joined the fun on Saturday. He was so excited to come up on stage that he didn’t even wait for the host to announce him. Paul talked about getting the call for WandaVision saying he was sure he was getting called into the office to get fired, so he went in full force talking about how lucky he was and how much fun he had. To that Kevin Feige replied, “No, we want to do a TV show. We are picturing a 1950’s, black & white television show.” Paul said, “Sold.”

Jon Bernthal also held a panel on Saturday talking about the good times spent on The Walking Dead, what drew him to playing Frank Castle in The Punisher, and his character on the Hulu series The Bear.

The most anticipated event of the weekend was the Scream Panel. Franchise legends Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, and Jamie Kennedy welcomed newcomers Melissa Barrera and Dermont Mulroney to the convention circuit. They talked about what it takes to nail that Ghost Face rage, how comedy goes a long way in a horror movie, and which of the six films in the franchise is their favorite scary movie.

Planet Comicon returns to Kansas City March 21-23, 2025. You can visit their website for more info, here.