Hyatt Regency Bali’s Nyepi Day Guidelines & Program For 2024

There are often special holidays or events that are country—or region-specific, and one of those is Nyepi Day in Bali, which this year is observed from 6 AM Monday until 6 AM Tuesday, March 11 – 12, during which pretty much everything on the island is shut down.

Guests are not allowed to leave the hotel premises; apparently, even the cell phone service is shut down per the hotel’s notice. However, guests can continue to have internet access on the hotel grounds.

You can access Hyatt Regency Bali here.

Hyatt Regency Bali’s Notice:

Activities on Nyepi Day:


It is quite extreme for Telkomsel to turn off the cell towers and cable internet connections, but it seems that non-government affiliated companies continue providing internet to hotels.

I wouldn’t mind taking off a day if I knew it would take place during an extended stay, but perhaps not ideal for Southeast Asian visitors who may only come for a long weekend.